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Laneway Suites

Who we are

Flatrock Inc. is a complete design and construction firm specializing in laneway apartments, new home construction and renovations with an eye towards pragmatic design, energy efficiency and quality construction as core values. 

Each project we handle is unique, from the smallest to the largest. 

We can provide full design and construction services – working with you from the first sketches to the final finishes. We can navigate the zoning and permitting process for you, and can provide a fixed price construction contract with clearly defined materials, methods and costs.

Our design team is made up of ARIDO designers, APEO engineers as well as OAA Architects, technicians and technologists.  

Why work with us?

We are truly an experienced, single source company experienced in designing and building your home / rental property, (particularly the new Laneway housing / rental suite initiative), as well as completing your renovation.

All our team members, from interior designers, carpenters and project managers, re well versed in design / construction of residential buildings.

Because we are an integrated team you can be confident that the construction process will actually reflect the intent of your decisions that were made at the design stage.  Our integrated team is able to work through changes quickly without any conflicts that you may experience when working with a separate design team and construction team.

About Laneway Suites

From the beginning, we’ve been directly involved in discussions with the City of Toronto’s Building and Planning departments, City managers and building inspectors to understand, in detail, what will be required when applying to the City. We understand, more than any other design / construction firm here the City, what will be required when applying for permits and during construction and how to go about doing this in the most efficient manner.

Laneway suites will increase density in our City’s core while preserving neighborhood character and scale. By allowing secondary suites to be located on laneways, privacy from the main house is improved, and it allows the secondary suite more access to light, air, and views. It can provide an additional revenue stream, making your investment work for you, or allow for additional family members to live in proximity to you.

They will allow for additional access to established neighborhoods while respecting their unique character, increase income and viability of home ownership, present opportunities for co-habitation and multi-generational living and improve safety. 

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