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Laneway Apartments

Just a quick update – we’ve had another discussion with one of the City Managers who has indicated, informally, that laneway homes and apartments will be able to be legally constructed sometime early 2018. He recommended that if someone is considering moving forward with a laneway apartment that they begin the design / planning sooner, rather than later.

He’d said that while the report shows a maximum construction footprint of 800 square feet be maintained that final allowable square foot number will be somewhere in the 1,200 sq. ft. range.



Laneway Initiative – Update

Toronto City Council has approved a set of initiatives put forward by two councilors expanding the possibility of having a set of approved laneway suites guidelines in place by early 2018. The City of Toronto motion directs the Chief Planner to review a recent Laneway feasibility report, expand community dialogue and report back to council prior to the end of the first quarter of 2018 with any recommended changes required to implement a laneway suites initiative in both Toronto and East York.

We will also bring up this subject with one of the City Planners we are meeting today on a different matter, (we’ll update this blog should there be anything of relevance).

We look forward to continuing to take part in this dialogue as stakeholders and will provide you with further updates as the process moves forward.


Foundations being tested in this wet weather environment

Just a few thoughts on this Friday before a long weekend…

  1. The wet summer here in Toronto is really pointing out certain issues, particularly with foundations. If you have a basement with foundation issues you are finding out pretty quickly where those problem areas are. Older homes in particular, are starting to show their age. White, chalky, powdery areas on your basement walls usually indicate moisture entering into the home. If you need help give us a call!
  2. While it is disappointing to see a steady decline in home sales / value in the Toronto area, we continue to see strong growth on the construction side of the equation. We are not seeing as many second floor additions but we are seeing a strong move to upgrading basements and adding a second and / or third washroom.  
Toronto Laneway Initiative

Just had an interesting conversation with one of the City Managers…he’d indicated a mostly positive response from people who have called him about the new Laneway Initiative. There were also some concerns, mostly from people who were worried that their backyard privacy would be lost, others that the increase in density would lead to more of a load on the existing infrastructure. The manager also mentioned that the City would need to find smaller Emergency Response vehicles in order to traverse the smaller alley widths, among other considerations.

All interesting comments as we move towards a council vote in early 2018. 


The new Laneway Homes Initiative – Toronto

As owner of a design / construction firm here in Toronto experienced in dealing with the City, it has been a welcome breath of fresh air to see the approval process swing into action as we move forward toward allowing use of the City’s laneway areas for rental and in-law apartments. We have been fortunate as a company to have been involved in both internal and external discussions with the City and other players over the last 2 years as this went from a minor discussion to something that has been recognized as having value. Momentum, (and the lack of affordable rental units in Toronto), has swung decisively towards the allowance of these unit.

Robert Offenbacher, President, Flatrock Construction Inc.



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